Savings on Home Purchases

Remodel Card Can Help

Remodel Card is a savings program designed for home improvement projects and purchases.

Our program is designed for homeowners preparing to sell, those who have just purchased a home, and of course those just looking for savings

Remodel Card offers the opportunity for homeowners to visit quality local merchants, receive expert advice, and obtain pre-negotiated deep discounts compared to standard retail pricing.

The Remodel Card savings program will save you thousands on large home improvement projects and provide savings on smaller purchases as well. 

As a cardholder, you have exclusive access to the Remodel Card mobile application, which lists our merchant partners and products by category. Categories include, but not limited to: Appliances, Flooring, Light Fixtures, Tile, Fireplace, Countertops...

Merchant Partners Include:

How Much Can I Save?

“Didn't really know what to expect, yet I found a great deal on tile from the title shop--plus they were great to work with. Now I am looking forward to adding a counter-top for the basement bar.”
Mark, from St Paul

How Do I Access Remodel Card Discounts?

This is NOT a "Daily Deal" type of program, where one pays in advance for a specific time-sensitive coupon. Our savings and discounts are traditional "Show and Save" type coupons, which can be found on the Remodel Card mobile application

Find The Remodel Card Application In:

  1. The application can by found by searching for: REMODEL CARD.

  2. Download the application and click on the banner ad that says ACTIVATE MY CARD NOW and complete the activation form.

  3. All that is left is to:

    Search, Shop, Save & Smile

Are There Any Costs?

Downloading the APP.  Both types of activation's are found within the Activate My Card button found at the top of the phone app home page. 

Option 1: If you have an Activation Code, check the box that says "Activation Code" in the registration process.

Option 2: Purchase the APP & select the option that works for you.

One month access: $19.00

Three month access: $30.00

Six month access: $50.00

One year access: $80.00

You can purchase access at any time. You are in total control of your savings. 

Remodel Card does not charge our locally owned merchant partners advertising fees to be on our platform. This is one way Remodel Card supports THINK, SHOP, BUY, LOCAL FIRST initiatives.

“Awesome! Love it. Easy to use and best of all saved me lots of money!”
Heidi, a homemaker who loves projects.

Why people like Remodel Card.

  • I like saving money when purchasing things for my home!
  • It is easy to use, & because the discounts are on my phone, they are always with me.

  • NO TIMED OFFERS! Simply Just: Search, Show, Save & SMILE.

Have Questions?

Sorry an e-mail address is required - Or we welcome your phone call: 651.289.7499

Founders Olov Stole, Chad Commers & Partner Norb Winter III

For more than a decade, the founders of Remodel Card have built a successful home remodeling and investment business based on solid customer relationships, providing quality products, superior craftsmanship and expert knowledge of real estate market trends for the benefit of their clients.  

Please call us with any questions. We are ready to help. 

Norbert Winter | (651) 289-7499

Homeowners Savings Program

Norbert Winter | (651) 289-7499

Homeowners Savings Program